Re: Is the Cornell Reflector Down? [PLEASE ANSWER!]

marshall katz (
Wed, 21 Feb 96 12:28:30 EST


Just read your post and if I'm not mistaken, the Cornell folks are
relocating to new work spaces. Therefore, their equipment
(reflectors) are temporarily down at the moment. That information may
now be dated. That's the best I can provide ya.

I think I remember them posting a notice to that effect, but, with
early Alzheimer's is setting in <g>, I can't be sure. Maybe someone
else has updated info. for you.

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Subject: Is the Cornell Reflector Down? [PLEASE ANSWER!]
Author: at SMTPLINK-Fmso
Date: 2/21/96 12:07 PM

I have not been able to access the Cornell reflector ( for
the past month! This same problem occurred last fall, when I could not
it for almost two months! Has the reflector been down all this time?
If not, does somebody deliberately break the connection between my
domain (128.163.XXX.XXX) and the Cornell reflector?

Please answer my question....somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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