ComputerEyes/RT & CU-SeeMe

Latker,Loren S (
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 06:58:57 PST

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The CU-SeeMe information page states that CU-SeeMe will work with
ComputerEyes/RT. Well, I've hooked mine to my PowerMac 6100/60. I'm
feeding my Sony TR500 into the CE/RT via S video. I can open the CE/RT
application and capture stills (I'm in Grey Scale mode). I also have
the CE/RT VDig 1.0 extension in my extensions folder - but since this
isn't an AV machine it probably won't be useful.

When I open CU-SeeMe, it states there is no video. No video window
appears, even blank, or black. Within the Transmission window pull
down menu the Picture, Compression and Video options are greyed out.

I can connect to other users, and the audio works fine, but there is
just no video. Anyone out there run into something similar?

BTW, I'm on a 100MB Ethernet CIN (Corporate InterNet) behind a firewall.


Loren Latker