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Andrew Germaine (
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 16:14:03 -0500 (EST)

Since it's unicast, its an individual stream to the user who connects. If
no one is connected to the reflector, no aud/vid goes in or out. Assuming
most users are connected at 28.8, when connected to a reflector, that
user can only receive 28.8k worth of aud/vid from the reflector, and the
reflector is smart enough to only send the audio/video that the user
chooses to view.

so on my reflector, i limit access to 15 users, 10 of which may
send/receive video, 5 receive only.
and there are 2 conferences set up that way. so a max of 30 users, as 28.8
each, means when im full im eating up 864k, a little more than half a T1,
which isnt too terrible.
Also i set up *my* reflector to control how users use the bandwidth, i
wish others would too, rather than going with defaults:

o you cannot send or receive more than 40k (for lan users like me)
o you cannot set your minimum send/recv higher than 10k

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On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Luther, Bil MV wrote:
> maybe i'm just ignorant but,
> where does all of this audio/video stream stuff go?
> the net is browning out worse every day....
> surfing is more like paddling in a pond with a spoon...
> does this kind of broadcasting make sense??
> [not asking for a flame -- just an explanation of what kind of load
> audio/video [non-multicasted] makes when it is continuous like this?]
> bil
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> From: owner-CU-SEEME-L
> Subject: New reflector site
> Date: Wednesday, February 21, 1996 11:07AM
> A new reflector is on line at the University of South Florida Industrial