RE: New reflector site
Thu, 22 Feb 96 17:54:30 -0500

>so on my reflector, i limit access to 15 users, 10 of which may
>send/receive video, 5 receive only.
>and there are 2 conferences set up that way. so a max of 30 users, as 28.8
>each, means when im full im eating up 864k, a little more than half a T1,
>which isnt too terrible.
>Also i set up *my* reflector to control how users use the bandwidth, i
>wish others would too, rather than going with defaults:
>o you cannot send or receive more than 40k (for lan users like me)
>o you cannot set your minimum send/recv higher than 10k

I think that the bottom line is that the network is outgrowing itself.
In the old days, people we re more concious about conserving bandwidth,
mostly I think because the net was populated by people who were computer
folks who knew what it meant to use up large chunks of the wire.

Secondly, there needs to be an investment in the infrastructure of the
net, especially considering that people are clamoring for cable modems
and the like that could easily surpass T-1 speeds - to individual users!
AT&T's ASDL will provide anywhere from ISDN to thick wire Ethernet speeds
to *all* of their customers, depending upon the depth of their pockets.

Consider the effect of a million 2MB/s users all using a program like
CuSee-Me at the same time! Ooof! In that case even ATM powered FT-3
links will not be good enough. It will likely need to be in the one or
two GB/s range! And since that speed is at the state of the art for
optical fiber, it would seem that the only solution is to vastly increase
the density of the net itself by increasing the number of links. It may
evolve to the point where users will have to share the load by sharing
some of the throughput to their neighbors. Imagine the turmoil that
would cause the great unwashed, knowing they were paying for pipe that
would be used for their near neighbors and the like. But then, it is
consitent with the initial mission of the net, to share the burden.

The realisitic solution is usage metering, something this old net hack
abhors. I need to make a living and being a professional student in
order to preserve "real" net access is not in my best interests.

You can't keep whales in a net designed for trouts and carp. And that's
where the net is now. I think that the powers that be know this but have
yet to arrive at a complete solution.