RE: New reflector site

Scott W Brim (
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 21:39:33 -0500

At 11:13 02/21/96, Luther, Bil MV wrote:
>maybe i'm just ignorant but,
>where does all of this audio/video stream stuff go?
>the net is browning out worse every day....
>surfing is more like paddling in a pond with a spoon...
>does this kind of broadcasting make sense??
>[not asking for a flame -- just an explanation of what kind of load
>audio/video [non-multicasted] makes when it is continuous like this?]

The major problem with the Internet is not the amount of traffic it is
carrying, but the amount of routing information required to route it
(and how much it changes). That's why you see, for example, file
transfers which are rapid sometimes and stopped dead at others, instead
of moving slowly but continuously. If CU-SeeMe traffic were in fact
multicast, it would add to this load of dynamic state information the
routers have to carry. Since it is unicast, it only adds to the total
aggregate bandwidth requirement. Bandwidth is a lot easier to manage,
and CU-SeeMe adjusts its use of that bandwidth rather well (despite
what some European providers think, based on statements about old
versions). Personally I'm glad CU-SeeMe isn't multicast yet, since I
have trouble imagining the impact unleashing thousands of multicast
groups on the multicast backbone!