RE: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??

Luther, Bil MV (
Thu, 22 Feb 96 15:22:00 PST

as in pay for what you use --- today its like going to lunch with a 'friend'
who after everyone else orders iced tea and salad and he orders steak and
drinks, wants to split the bill evenly.

in the pioneer arrows in the back days of CDC's Cybernet -- a commercial
precedent to Internet, circa 1966 to 197x we finally abandoned the 'connect
time' charging model and began to charge for cpu cycles, storage, connect
time and xfer volume, amazing how users quickly adapred and ecomomized on
precious resources... happily.
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To: BLuther; CU-SEEME-L
Subject: RE: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??
Date: Thursday, February 22, 1996 1:39PM

At 9:05 2/22/96, Luther, Bil MV wrote:
>the sooner traffic is paid for the better -- the abuses are too high to

Uh paid as in the way we pay for our provider now, or paid in addition
to... ie: pay for the actual internet ourselves in addition to providers?

Not sure what Luther means...

Bri :-)

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