Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??

Carl Iverson (cariver@tiger.avana.net)
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 02:15:06 -0800

Luther, Bil MV wrote:
> as in pay for what you use --- today its like going to lunch with a 'friend'
> who after everyone else orders iced tea and salad and he orders steak and
> drinks, wants to split the bill evenly.
> in the pioneer arrows in the back days of CDC's Cybernet -- a commercial
> precedent to Internet, circa 1966 to 197x we finally abandoned the 'connect
> time' charging model and began to charge for cpu cycles, storage, connect
> time and xfer volume, amazing how users quickly adapred and ecomomized on
> precious resources... happily.
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> From: goog
> To: BLuther; CU-SEEME-L
> Subject: RE: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??
> Date: Thursday, February 22, 1996 1:39PM
> At 9:05 2/22/96, Luther, Bil MV wrote:
> >hop....
> >the sooner traffic is paid for the better -- the abuses are too high to
> >tolerate
> Uh paid as in the way we pay for our provider now, or paid in addition
> to... ie: pay for the actual internet ourselves in addition to providers?
> Not sure what Luther means...
> Bri :-)
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> http://www.ffa.ucalgary.ca/artists/bmcgugan/index.htmlAh yes, nostalgia and mozium. I was an analyst for CDC during that period
of using $15,000,000 systems from a dumb terminal or six pack in the case
of the 7600. What is the connection between trying to amortorize
equipment and using a service that is basically supported by universities
ergo tax payers.
Lets not have the Internet just for the aristocracy!!!!!

This subject needs a new name.