Re: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??

Laurent-David HASSON (
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 02:10:52 -0500

At 09:14 02/23/96 +1000, John Osborne wrote:
>The flaw in the argument below, is, of course, that no one is in a
>position to dictate what "serious use" of the Internet is, nor should
>they be, unless they are an ISP governing the use of their own site.
>When someone starts paying for my ISP and phone bills they
>tell me that my video conferencing use is "less serious" then your
>web surfing.
>Just my 2 cents.

I think you are missing the point... I do not recall anyone making a
judgement on how you use the net... All we say is that if you use the web,
check the news, or use email, you use the net in ways that are acceptable on
a technical stand point. However, if you use FTP non stop, or CUSeeMe or
anything that takes a significant chunk of bandwidth at 100% capacity over a
sustained period of time, then you are doing so to the detriment of other users.
As the university where i was, some funny guy was a freak of sounds and
images: what he did was to write scripts in PERL to "raid" ftp and news
sites around the clock. What people were up[set about is not that 90% of
that was erotica... Bu that he was taking a serious chunk of bandwidth on a
constant basis for a long time!

I use CUSeeMe on an extensive basis, believe me.. However, i show some
respect for the other users who share the server i am on, and do not use
CUSeeMe at peak hours... especially since i have an ISDN64 link.

I think it is just not fair that because a minority of people use bandwidth
heavy apps, that the rest should suffer from generally poor performances.

Again, this is not a jugement of what you do with CUSeeMe... Or anything
such, just simply that you appropriate ourself large resources, and find
this normal. As someone mentioned, if 10 people in a community of 1000 on a
server use bandwidth hungry apps, then the performance of the whole system
really drops! I am sure that if you had a 14.4 modem and just used the net
for email, web surfing or work, you'd be pissed about someone who slows you

Ad on top of that the fact that most people are total bigots, and you have
people who can start taking moral issues for a technical problem, and vice

Think about that, and be a little bit responsible.


PS: Nothing personal.