CuSeeMe Transport Usage
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 02:40:19 -0500

Hello Everyone,

This is a general list e-mail, I invite everyone on the List Server to
respond either directly to me or via the Cornell List Server. I wanted to
run some of my thoughts about CuSeeMe's Internet transport usage by some
other people and get their input.

While reading the List Server stream over the last few weeks I noticed alot
of discussion on what I'm interpreting as the frequency and phase of CuSeeMe
packets as they flow between clients and the reflectors.

Looking at an allegorical<sp?> model of the Internet, the route between a
reflector and a client can easily be associated with the plumbing between
the water companies (or wells) and your shower head.

1. A reflector (or water company) is capable of supplying water at a rate
limited only by the size of pipe to the water main. The water company is
capable of taking waste water (no joke intended) at a rate limited only by
the size of the pipe to the treatment plant.

2. A client (or shower) is only capable of spaying water at a rate limited
by the size of smallest pipe between the client and the relfector (in a
perfect case the client's modem). In the reverse case the same limitation

The way I would characterize the current Internet Transport would be very
much like taking a shower through a soda straw. You can get the water but
you better not be in a hurry. While I admit CuSeeMe (and much of the
Internet in general) are painfully slow and cumbersome the problem is the
plumbing (and some of the fixtures) and not the water we're running through it.

As the Internet grows not only will the number of water company customers
increase but so will the number of possible uses for the water and the
number of private and community wells. If the size of the water mains
doesn't increase the whole thing will eventually be reduced to a bunch of
well's with water to spare and trickle for each client.

R.J. Fear
Vice President
System Architectures
CTG Consulting, Inc.