A Macintosh Reflector

Adam Skwersky (adam@space.mit.edu)
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 06:44:29 -0500

Dear Fellow Mac Enthusiasts:

Hey! I did it. It took the better part of the evening, but using MPW
GUSI, Symantec C and ingenuity, I was able to get the reflector to
compile on a PowerMac (native PPC code!). I couldnt test it myself
since I couldnt run the Client and the Server on the the same
machine, but I asked someone to log on and they said they were able
to log on. Unfortunately I wasnt able to test it with more than two
people (hard to find people at 7 am!).

Anyway, the reason I'm not distributing the executable just yet is
because (1) I'm not sure it works, (2) The "get_my_addr" function
was hacked to return my own machines IP number (I couldnt find
anything in GUSI to do this so I had to hardwire it. (3) I'm not
sure what the Cornell people want to do about distributing

Well thats that, I'm tired....

Adam Skwersky