RE: Problem!!!

Stuart Cartwright (
Fri, 23 Feb 96 12:36:48 UT

I connected to NASA-Tv last night at about 8pm GMT. The pictures were great in
all five windows. Even then I received about two seconds of audio "I have a
message here for.........".The problem was I didn't know which window it was
comming from and so didn't know which window to keep open a which to close. Up
until and since then I haven't heard a murmur on any reflector. To get the
audio I need a fast connection and that isn't always easy through a CompuServe
node to America. The best (fastest) NASA-Tv reflector for me is the European
one at but that seems to be down alot and so I have to revert to
the "good picture, shame about the sound" American reflectors.


From: on behalf of Loh Ting Yuen
Sent: 23 February 1996 06:33
Subject: Problem!!!

I tried to connect to the NASA TV, I do see the screen but without sound, I
am using the OEM soundblaster 16bit.