Reflector v4 problems
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 07:53:02 -0600

I have set up a reflector on a sparc running solaris 2.4 with
the Cornell cu-seeme reflector version 4.0b2 binary. The reason I am
using b2 rather than b3 is that when I run b3, I can only connect with
windows cu-seemev w0.7b1. ver w0.84b7 does not connect. I tried this from
multiple windows clients to test it out. b2 allows connections from both
w0.7b1 and w0.84b7. I wonder if this is the reason that I can't connect
to some public reflectors like I used to with w0.84b7? Can anyone
confirm this and/or know of a workaround.
Also, I am having a problem with version 4.0b2 dropping lurkers
clients. I have one client sending video and it stays up okay. But I have
tried two clients (one running w0.7b1 and the other w0.84b7) and they
start out okay and are able to see the video stream but after a few minutes
the video rate starts dropping until it gets to zero and then after a
minute or so, cu-seeme say the connection dropped. I then have to restart
cu-seeme (if I don't and try to reconnect, it just say no response from
reflector) and reconnect, which is okay until it happens again a few
minutest later. Is there some settings I need to set in the reflect.conf
that I missed?
Any help on these problems would be greatly appreciated. Please
send me e-mail and I will post the solutions if they work.

Thanks in advance,


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