Re: Need Recomendation on Hardware

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 09:03:11 -0800

Luis Verissimo wrote:
> Hi. My Name is Luis Verissimo and I work for the Alabama Departement of
> Transportation Internet Project.We would like to test CU-SeeMe and
> install it in the near future in some of our offices.
> I'm looking for the hardware necessary to get CU-SeeMe working in our
> Windows 3.11, 486DX4 based machines.
> What video, and audio hardware would you recommend for me to buy to use
> CU-SeeMe?
> Thank You in advance for your help.
> Luis Verissimo

Tell ya what, you never said what type of internet connection (modem/direct)
your office has. So, I'll have to *assume* nothing!
For a relatively *cheap* camera, try the Connectix QuickCAM! Check this URL
<> for more information.
To connect to the internet, you should ALWAYS connect direct! Check with
your network office for more details. If you have no network foundation, your
best bet is to use a modem NO SLOWER THAN 28.8 BAUD!!! 14.4 modems will work,
but won't give you ANY power to speak of!
For that *audio* touch, you will need a (biased preferance) SoundBlaster 16!
Keep in mind that you will not have audio if your modem is lower than a 28.8!

Hope this helps!
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