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Rob Williams (
23 Feb 1996 14:37:49 U

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Sometimes, when there appears to be a tidal wave of popular opinion in a
direction, the thought of "standing up" to say "I don't agree" can be very
- but I've since learned that silence is sometimes misinterpreted to mean that

everyone agrees so I will simply and respectfully say ... I don't agree.

Best Regards,
Rob Williams, Ph.D. (home)

As you can see I removed all references to the individuals in the quoted
as I wanted to make clear that this was not a personal "attack" - I will hope
you likewise will extend a similar courtesty and simply agree to disagree.

Date: 2/23/96 11:57 AM
To: Rob Williams
From: xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Just keep the government out
> >of the telecom business, ala interconnect fees.
> And content regulation a la television and radio.

Excellent point! I just wish those Congressional "right-winger's" had that
in mind before they passed the C.D.A. Bill!