RE: My Reply to: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??

Scott Overholser (
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 11:43:22 -0800

sadly this is not the way the net is built. most folks who resell
bandwidth oversell their capacity. this is what keeps the costs down
for all of us. it is just like the folks that run an airline - they
consistently overbook because they know that some folks won't show. it
is a pain when you show up to the gate and they ask for volunteers to
take a later flight but the alternative is higher fares for all.

just because someone has a 28.8 modem and an account with a service
providor doesn't mean that they are entitled to 28.8kbps the whole time
you're connected - every time you connect. it is likely that the
service providor has "overbooked" just like the airlines do because he
expects that folks will use the net in a bursty fashion and that the
monthly average will be well below 28.8kbps per subscriber.


p.s. it is not like the telefone company restricting how much you can
say. when you make a connection via fone, you establish a physical
connection - just by establishing the connection you use all of it,
whether you say anything or not. the internet on the other hand is a
packet network where connections are virtual - the more you say, the
more you use.

>From: BJ.Culpepper[]
>Sent: Friday, February 23, 1996 5:15 PM
>Subject: My Reply to: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??
>Personally I think you all are missing the boat
>here. If you pay for a 28.8 connection to
>anything, you must expect to receive that amount
>of bandwidth allocated to you regardless if you
>use CUSEEME, FTP, EDI, JAVA, or whatever. The
>service provider has allocated that amount of
>bandwidth to you and that is what you should get
>on a consistent basis. What you all are say is
>like the telephone company saying that you can
>only say a certain amount words a minute - even
>though you have paid for a normal connection.
>If you have a server with a 64k link to the
>internet, that server can only send that much
>data to the internet regardless if there are a
>million connections. The bandwidth decreases
>because of other internet usages. Any video
>streams coming from the internet also decreases
>how much the server can send to the internet.
>Many companies have multiple 1.5mb connections
>to the internet and voice over the internet is
>soon becoming commercial. Remember, with all of
>the arguments, Web services created the most
>traffic over the internet last year.
>If you pay full price for a glass of beer and it
>is half full because the bartender says that you
>paid for the glass - but I regulate how much
>beer you have inside .... would not make you
>very happy.
>Just how much traffic do you thing these 'nudy'
>servers produce downloading 800x600 24bit jpeg
>images. Some have reported 8 to 10 thousand
>hits a day. There is one in France that still
>averages about 7500 hits a day.