Re: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??

Luther, Bil MV (
Fri, 23 Feb 96 16:35:00 PST

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From: owner-CU-SEEME-L
Subject: Re: Has CU-SeeMe a kamikaze protocol??
Date: Saturday, February 24, 1996 9:27AM


Exactly! Beating up the "new technology on the block" because it
is using too much of what other people think is "their bandwidth"
is a common, and selfish attitude.
>>>> we are all paying a price for the enjoyment of a few
>>>> the air we breate is all of our air -- and those who pollute it
>>>> ought to be minimally asked to stop
>>>> and if such radical community spirit is ignored
>>>> then 'pollutists' must be dealt with first with scorn
>>>> then with legislation
>>>> it would be interesting to see how many reflectors would survive
>>>> it hey were confined to a telecommunications network they
>>>> and they alone were responsible for paying for.
>>>> selfish is your word and it fits -- the CUSeeMe name and consequence

One person in this newsgroup went so far to say that this technology
should be "kept in the lab". So much for the Luddites.
>>>> guilty as charged and there is where WE keep it
>>>> or maybe you like floods -- easy enough for any of us to generate
>>>> except for social responsibility

I don't use CUSEEME much myself (although I find it interesting) but
this constant whining from the "serious" (which I think means "anything
that doesn't stop ME from downloading/viewing what *I* want) users
is beyond tiresome.
>>>> whining is what you are doing here sir --
>>>> and without logic that is what any complaint amounts to
>>>> especially yours

And for you .edu .gov .mil people out there, I'm still a U.S. tax paying
U.S. citizen, who is continuing to pay for for your academic uses of
the Web, and you're probably getting that access at no charge to
yourself. I sure wish someone were paying my ISP charges.

>>>> wrong pew John, us complainers are .com and we pay
>>>> 10 fold what you are probably paying
>>>> this final paragraph is exactly our complaint
>>>> get a life
>>>> bil: bane of bandwidth suckers


Elizabeth S. Klein wrote:
> I don't know that I'd call CUSEEME users elitist--perhaps pioneers is
> the right term--most likely those same individuals were getting yelled
> at for using "all that bandwidth" surfing the Net with Mosaic a few
> short years ago--and now surfing is common--hummmm. . . .
> >
> > At 09:05 02/22/96 PST, Luther, Bil MV wrote:
> > >############################################
> > >sorry but none of the freebie academic users seem to understand that
> > >no free lunch -- a dozen or so video lurkers is like 1000 IRC lurkers
> > >10000 surfers trying to search for information --- and the 'brown outs'
> > >serious surfer's with real information searches are experiencing have
> > >nothing to do with our modems or computers -- i'm using an IDN link in
> > >case and a 28.8k modem in another -- each attached to dual processor
> > >pentiums -- and BROWNOUT is what we see a lot of -- e.g. connection
> > >time-outs -- hours to get to the webcrawler or hours to gain access
> > >USPTO database and in most cases the time outs occur long before the
> > >hop....
> > >the sooner traffic is paid for the better -- the abuses are too high to
> > >tolerate
> > >sorry for the flame but the condescension in some of the
> > >this one, has been absurd.
> > >##############################################
> >
> >
> > I totally agree with you. the problem with CUSeeMe is that it tries to
> > all the bandwidth that it has available in a continuous manner... pretty
> > much like a continuous FTP session.... If you have 10 people on a
> > who use a 28,8 connection at 100% over some period of time, then the net
> > result is as if hundreds of people were browsing the web with a 14.4. A
> > network admnistrator cannot ignore that, and cannot penalize the average
> > user because a few elite people make a heavy use of the bandwidth...
> >
> > The same kind of problems do appear also with Internet providers and
> > web pages. Here, someone put up a web page which became very popular,
> > within a couple of months, most of the bandwidth that the ISP has access
> > was taken by calls to that ONE web site...
> >
> > I am sure you would not like it if some guy had a car that was 3 lanes
> > to block you... Same thing with Video.
> >
> > At the beginning, IRC was a problem and a heavy load on the net... then
> > passes... now, it is video and sound (CUSeeMe is not the only culprit,
and i
> > am pretty sure video and sound on demand that are more and more popular
> > web sites actually is resposible for more of the traffic than Video
> > conferencing).
> >
> > People have to be relistic with their expectations, and i find it normal
> > that an ISP might want to limitate the CUSeeMe activity.... the same way
> > few years ago, some servers only allowed IRC during off peak hours.
> >
> >
> > Laurent.
> >
> >
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