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>>I haven't tried it yet, but would it be possible for my friend and I to
have a
>>conversation (private?) by way of the chat window. Neither of us have
>>audio/visual capabilities. We would both have to be lurkers connected to a
>>reflector. Did I read somewhere that the "filter" button on the Chat window
>>can be used to talk to just one person, even though we would both be lurkers?
>>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Can't do it, at the moment. You can send private audio by selecting the
>microphone Icon on the other persons window, but you have no audio/video. The
>quick solution is to do a point-to-point connection, the ultimate privacy.
>I would bet that you can have private conversations using Internet Relay Chat
>(IRC), but I have never used it myself.

Yes, most IRC clients have the ability to send private messages, and some
even put the private conversation into a seperate window, which makes it a
lot easier. I use mIRC on my PC, which is windows based, and does put the
private messages into a window of its own. IMHO mIRC is the best IRC client
for the PC, and it's freeware for personal use.

I believe that Homer for the Macintosh doesn't use a seperate window, but it
does allow for private chats. If text chatting is all you need, then IRC is
a pretty simple solution. You can download mIRC or Homer from my web page
(listed below) and there are links to more IRC information to help you get

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