Sat, 24 Feb 1996 12:41:09 +0100

>At 18:10 2/23/96, Laurent-David HASSON wrote:
>>At 14:26 02/23/96 -0600, Elizabeth S. Klein wrote:
> and all sorts of others...
>More bandwidth on this issue than on the problem itself (just kidding -
>this is important)
>But nothing seems to be getting solved with this conversation, or am I mistaken
NO but,
Even if a newbie I am amazed:I thougth that CU was primarly set to
broadcast Video and Audio , that all that was eating bandwith and that, if
some users was eating for nothing, it was against other users:
Well , then, why can we see lots of lurkers ,not sending video for some
obscure(???) reasons and only using CU as an IRC? Eating for nothing !and
they deprive video amateurs of their wanted fun.
Why, also ,some video senders are with fixed pict , less than often
offering interesting matters, but no real vid .Here again eating bandwith
with what I call "nothing".
For me ,the very interesting thing in CU is to be abble to see living
people !But I might be wrong !?