Re: Bandwith and personal vulnerablity

Laurent-David HASSON (
Sat, 24 Feb 1996 16:29:33 -0500

At 09:03 02/24/96 -0800, Brian McGugan wrote:
>Now we are getting into the world of the 'personal' and people are people,
>fickle and unwilling to be themselves, or to be vulnerable. With cu they
>are forced (a little bit) into the position of either honesty or
>performance, neither of which most people want to deal with, and so...
>'still pictures' and 'no video' are meant to represent the person they wish
>that they were, and/or the person they wish to convey to the electronic
>Something like that.
>I spent 3 years at drama school trying to unlearn human behavior as such...
>I'm not sure that the training was entirely successful or complete. I'm
>still working on it every day.

Excellent.. One thing that fascinates me with CUSeeMe is how it reverses all
these "dehumanizing' trends that the net had taken during its early days...
IRC was the primary example of that, where the human individual really
acquired a virtual personality. On IRC, you can really be anything if you
have a minimum of "talent".

This is something that many of my un-techie friends always reproached to me,
saying that i was loosing my humanity because of the Net... I think this is
a little bit exagerated, but with IRC, people did get the possibility to
become something else quite easily.

With CUSeeMe, the Net community is becoming human again {:)

One prime example of that, i think, is how less sex there is on CUSeeMe
today than there was on IRC when it was still small (5 years ago)... When i
first came onto IRC, i was really surprised at how sex was everywhere and
how the net community really appeared on IRC as a bunch of sex hungry and
deprived people. even though there are still funny people on CUSeeMe, i
perceive the sex part as being much less obvious (it still there, but not as

Image is everything.