W95 Reflector Question

Diamond Dan (diamdan@autobaun.com)
Sat, 24 Feb 1996 20:58:08 -0800

Hey everyone.

Usually, I'm on the answering side of this... Now, I've got a
question. I'm using the latest reflector for windows. Tried both the 32
bit and 16 bit. I'm running 95 on a dx4 100 with 20 meg ram. It's the only
thing running on that machine.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem
(hopefully it's fixable).... When I or anyone connect to the reflector with
Cornell's 16 bit version of CU and the 32 bit reflector is running, the
people running 16 bit CU get a GPF and can either "close or ignore"..

In either case (with the 16 or 32 bit) of Cornell's Latest version
of the reflectors, noone can see anything typed in the chat window. It's
got me baffled.

Anyone with any info please send it my way. I'd really appreciate
it. You can use either the list address or my personal address to reply.

I know White Pine is going to be beta testing their new Windows
based reflector soon and hope to get my hands on it. I think that'll take
care of the problem....

Oh, 1 more thing... I'm using conference 6 for transmission. Do you
think that might make a difference?

Thanks in advance

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