Dan Schibi (
Sun, 25 Feb 1996 02:28:36 -0500

Stanko Banozic wrote:
> Hi!
> Can anybody help me with White Pine 2.0?
> I have :
> DX2-50,
> 8M,Win95,
> SB16 and White Pine 2.0
> 1. I get error message everytime I choose or click on the "audio" button.
> So I must restart the program.
> 2. What is going to happen after 31 March, or efter one mounth of useing?
> Does anybody know some serial nummer wich works forever! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> /Stanko =)

You will have to buy the commercial version or go back to the Cornell freeware version.
A serial number that works forever would be illegal unless given to you by the programs author, and
if you like the product, you SHOULD pay for it! It's $49 bucks right now ($50off).

As for the first problem, might be the drivers for SB16, do you have the new (beta) full duplex drivers
from Creative Labs? I installed them and no problems here with audio. I have 486DX4-75, 12 megs ram, SB16
Win95, and Connectix Quickcam.