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>As far as I know, and one to many, or many to many, i.e., other
>than a 1 to 1 connection requires a reflector.
>I've heard about Windows source for the refs, but don't remember if
>it was W95 or NTW or NTS.

Here's an interesting feature:

With the Windows version (I couldn't say if the MAC version does the same or
not) you can have multiple people connect directly to you and you can see
both of them, and their chat, but they can only see you and your chat, not
the video or chat from the other party. Oddly enough, it really works. I
have done this personally. This feature would be handy for a teacher to
have multiple students connect....they couldn't chat amongst themselves or
see each other, but they could all see the teacher and his/her text.

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