Re: CUSeeMe Audio -- where are we going?

Laurent-David HASSON (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 03:27:38 -0500

At 18:43 02/25/96 -0700, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:
>SFO DJS 96/02/25 11.17
>I have now been an avid user and experimenter with CUSeeMe for several
>weeks. It appears one deep dark secret which no one seems to want to
>discuss: CUSeeMe's weakest point is its audio capabilities on relatively
>constrained-bandwidth Internet connections (28.8k modem connections up to
>128k ISDN connections).
>Upon some reflection, it is interesting to note that AUDIO becomes more a
>problem than VIDEO on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet. If you get
>lagged, if the network becomes overloaded, with VIDEO you can merely throw
>away a frame or two, or not accept new frames from the transmitter. With
>AUDIO, connected speech requires a smooth delivery of packets and a
>relatively constant available bandwidth in order to delivery PLEASANT
>speech. I make the distinction between INTELLIGIBLE speech (ham radio
>operators surely must be aware of this notion) and PLEASANT, COMFORTABLE
>speech, which by its nature is continuous, full-duplex and relatively
>consistent in audio spectrum quality. CUSeeMe fails to deliver the latter.

This is point i really wanted to make for some time now... How come Internet
Phone apps or even RealAudio seem to be able to deliver quite a good stream
of sound through the Intenet, whereas CUSeeMe can't do much. You can get
decent sound on a 14.4 with RealAudio (i put more emphasis on sound
continuity rather than sound quality: audible is good enough, but if it
breaks down every hal second, it is useless).

I am not even asking for Full Duplex, but i find it bizarre that with an
ISDN64 connection, a friend an i cannot get any continuous sound at all....

It seems that CUSeeMe really deserves its name since it seems to be putting
more priority on delivering video, than sound... It would be interesting to
see what kind of results wold be obtained with a CUSeeMe video only link,
and on the side, an Internet Phone product... Somehow, i thin that the audio
will come out as OK, at least, better than that of CUSeeMe....

If anyone can try that setup?