Re: CUSeeMe Mac 0.83b3 remarks

Laurent-David HASSON (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 03:27:39 -0500

At 18:43 02/25/96 -0700, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:
>SFO DJS 96/02/25 11.44
>As a "beta tester" of your product, I offer the following remarks:
>There are many inconsistencies in HCI design. So many that I can't tell
>whether some of my suggestions were oversights, bugs or features! :)

I must agree with everything you say....
I'd had a few remarks too:

1/ With respect to the pause... I think there sould be a dual mode: either
you completely stop sending video, or you keep sending it, but only with a
still.. What happens often is that if i go to take a cofe or something else
and pause with my picture, new participants, if they come while i am gone,
will see nothing coming from me, whereas old participants will keep on
seeing a still...

2/ With the sound issue, i hate to have to push to get something out. The
button should rather be as an on/off switch so that if i am transmitting
voice, i can still use my mouse to do other things on my screen... This is
very useful when maintaining a conversation with someone and using the white
board at the same time.

3/ Because of performance issues, it should be possible to automatically
freeze the video while sending/receiving audio. Not that it whould be
automatic.. But often, on lower speed links, the procedure is quite awkward:
- I want to speak
- I freeze my video
- I push the talk button
- I say what i have to say
- I release the button (notice that while i was talking, i could not do
anything else)
- I unfreeze my video.
I find this to be quite unacceptable.

4/ Get the sound together... the quality is ok, but it is not continuous:
i'd prefer a lower quality, but a near perfect continuity (even if it means
some stutter).

5/ It would be nice to ave an automatic IP recorder, so that by just
clicking on someone, i could save her/his address in my "phone book".

6/ Finally, that's some sort of a bug: the text that appears in the info
boxes in the White Pine Windows version is totally unreadable... I have
tried everything, including reinstalling Windows with its default fonts, but
nothing did it... No matter what i tried, i still get the most horrid and
unreadable font in there.