Re: Bandwith and personal vulnerablity

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 09:59:01 -0800

Luc Volders wrote:
> >Interesting. This has not been my experience... I have seen indecent
> >behavior on refs of course...
> Before the list server went down in january and we all had to enlist
> again there
> was a complete discussion going on with reflector owners/maintainers who
> were closing the reflectors down for the public due to unwanted
> exhibitionism on
> reflectors.
> >But I have never been "called" as often for a
> >one on one thing.
> No they appeared just public, not one on one.
> >This is due to the fact that people can see you, and
> >therefore, there is not as much "hunting" for sex as there is on IRC.
> They were not hunting. They just appeared naked on a reflector.
> Owners were upset because a lot of these reflectors were used for
> educational
> purposes, and owners did not want kids to see this.
> >Also,
> >in my first days on IRC, almost everything was sex... I have spent a couple
> >of hours on some refs without anyting sexual coming up... My personal
> >experience is that sex is less "everywhere" on CUSeeMe because of the
> >image... Makes people more vulnerable, and less prone to assume other
> >identities or let go their libido on line.
> One example was Nysernet. They closed down in the weekends for public use
> because no one was monitoring the reflectors.
> Several others followed in due time.
> regards,
> Luc
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All this discussion of exhibitionism on CU-based reflectors reminds me of a

               "THERE IS NO SANITY...  Just organized CHAOS!!!"


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