Re: Bandwith and personal vulnerablity

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 10:19:53 -0800

Luc Volders wrote:
> Before the list server went down in january and we all had to enlist
> again there
> was a complete discussion going on with reflector owners/maintainers who
> were closing the reflectors down for the public due to unwanted
> exhibitionism on
> reflectors.

> No they appeared just public, not one on one.

> They were not hunting. They just appeared naked on a reflector.
> Owners were upset because a lot of these reflectors were used for
> educational
> purposes, and owners did not want kids to see this.

> One example was Nysernet. They closed down in the weekends for public use
> because no one was monitoring the reflectors.
> Several others followed in due time.
> regards, LucGreetings, all:
Sorry 'bout last message, got "cut-off" and sent prematurely!

All this discussion about exhibitionism on CU-based reflectors reminds me of
a previous Email to this listserver. This "gentleman" claimed he had the
*right* to express himself on a particular reflector, stating that anyone who
didn't like it could "change the channel", going to another reflector.
I responded to him *offline*, telling him, "If that's you're *standard*, then
I'm sure you won't mind if I tell you MY reflector is rated-G! ...And if you
don't like it, then why don't YOU change the channels!!!"
To this day, I'm still waiting for him to prove his double-standards by
sending a negative reply. Fortunately (for him), I'm STILL waiting!!!
I'm mature enough to *share* the internet with people like this guy, but I'm
not foolish enough to be an "aragant a$$" about it!
Please let FREEDOM and UNDERSTANDING reign on the internet, together!

Thnk you for your time!
"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"


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