Re: CUSeeMe Mac 0.83b3 remarks

Don Castella (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 11:08:17 -0600 (CST)

Laurent & All-
Cornell .84b7 and WP 1.0b3 support a lock for the Audio Push To Talk (PTT)
button. On version .84b7, click on the PTT button, then slide the mouse
pointer off the button. On version 1.0b3 from White Pine, click the Lurkers
button to its depressed state, click the PTT button, then hit the space bar
to lock the button down. I don't know if these are the correct, documented
methods, but they work for me. Another note: when sending speech on a slow
connection, leave the PTT button depressed a second or so after you stop

I hopre this helps,

Don Castella
aka Don@Chicago

At 03:27 AM 2/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At 18:43 02/25/96 -0700, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:
>>SFO DJS 96/02/25 11.44
>>As a "beta tester" of your product, I offer the following remarks:
>>There are many inconsistencies in HCI design. So many that I can't tell
>>whether some of my suggestions were oversights, bugs or features! :)
>I must agree with everything you say....
>I'd had a few remarks too:
>1/ With respect to the pause... I think there sould be a dual mode: either
>you completely stop sending video, or you keep sending it, but only with a
>still.. What happens often is that if i go to take a cofe or something else
>and pause with my picture, new participants, if they come while i am gone,
>will see nothing coming from me, whereas old participants will keep on
>seeing a still...
>2/ With the sound issue, i hate to have to push to get something out. The
>button should rather be as an on/off switch so that if i am transmitting
>voice, i can still use my mouse to do other things on my screen... This is
>very useful when maintaining a conversation with someone and using the white
>board at the same time.
>3/ Because of performance issues, it should be possible to automatically
>freeze the video while sending/receiving audio. Not that it whould be
>automatic.. But often, on lower speed links, the procedure is quite awkward:
> - I want to speak
> - I freeze my video
> - I push the talk button
> - I say what i have to say
> - I release the button (notice that while i was talking, i could not do
>anything else)
> - I unfreeze my video.
>I find this to be quite unacceptable.
>4/ Get the sound together... the quality is ok, but it is not continuous:
>i'd prefer a lower quality, but a near perfect continuity (even if it means
>some stutter).
>5/ It would be nice to ave an automatic IP recorder, so that by just
>clicking on someone, i could save her/his address in my "phone book".
>6/ Finally, that's some sort of a bug: the text that appears in the info
>boxes in the White Pine Windows version is totally unreadable... I have
>tried everything, including reinstalling Windows with its default fonts, but
>nothing did it... No matter what i tried, i still get the most horrid and
>unreadable font in there.