Re: Windows NT Version
Mon, 26 Feb 96 21:10:22 EST

The reflector uses a different port than say web server, gopher, ftp,
telnet, etc. listeners. So it exists just as any other winsock program. As
long as no port conflict, no problem.

>There is a reflector version that will run on win95 and NT available from
>USCA (????). Because the reflector uses different modes of transport
>then typical TCP/IP traffic there is no conflict. On our NT box we run
>the reflector, WWW server, FTP server and Gopher server. We've even
>tried successfully with the VDOlive server. No problem...
>On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Brian Geraghty wrote:
>> I am setting up a web server using windows NT and am interested in
putting a
>> reflector on this server as well. Is there a version for windows NT and
>> it be able to co-exist with the Web server software?
>> Best regards,
>> Brian Geraghty