Re: CUSeeMe Audio -- even at ISDN128!

Dennis J. Streveler (
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 19:51:46 -0700

SFO DJS 96/02/26 19.33

I wrote:
>>Upon some reflection, it is interesting to note that AUDIO becomes more a
>>problem than VIDEO on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet. If you get
>>lagged, if the network becomes overloaded, with VIDEO you can merely throw
>>away a frame or two, or not accept new frames from the transmitter. With
>>AUDIO, connected speech requires a smooth delivery of packets and a
>>relatively constant available bandwidth in order to delivery PLEASANT
>>speech. I make the distinction between INTELLIGIBLE speech (ham radio
>>operators surely must be aware of this notion) and PLEASANT, COMFORTABLE
>>speech, which by its nature is continuous, full-duplex and relatively
>>consistent in audio spectrum quality. CUSeeMe fails to deliver the latter.

Laurent wrote:
>This is point i really wanted to make for some time now... How come Internet
>Phone apps or even RealAudio seem to be able to deliver quite a good stream
>of sound through the Intenet, whereas CUSeeMe can't do much. You can get
>decent sound on a 14.4 with RealAudio (i put more emphasis on sound
>continuity rather than sound quality: audible is good enough, but if it
>breaks down every hal second, it is useless).
>I am not even asking for Full Duplex, but i find it bizarre that with an
>ISDN64 connection, a friend an i cannot get any continuous sound at all....

Not only at ISDN64, but also ISDN128! I certainly hope the CU developers
pay close attention to this matter.


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