Re: Running CU over a LAN

U2 (
Tue, 27 Feb 96 09:02:56 -0500

>Is there any trick to running CU-SEEME over a LAN. I want to demonstrate
>this to some school administrators and am using a PowerMac 6100 AV and a
>5300 AV and using some Internal IP's assigned to the machines and can not
>seem to connect to the other machine? What am I missing?

Are you running this over Ethernet or LocalTalk? If you are using
Ethernet, it's a piece of cake! Just setup the IP addresses in MacTCP
[and TCP/IP for the Open Transport Machine] and that's about it! When you
want to connect to the other machine, just reference it's IP address and
it should work.

LocalTalk will require a DDP to IP gateway [like the Apple IP Gateway] to
encapsulate IP into AppleTalk packets running on the LocalTalk network.


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