Kill/ Deny Command

Brian McGugan (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 10:07:28 -0800

At 11:44 2/27/96, Brian O'Shea wrote:
>>The latest White Pines reflector code allows you to telnet in to run REFMON,
>>and can be configured with a password. You could use CU and telnet at the
>>same time, and "kill" the IP of the offending person.
>Note that the "kill" command will disconnect them, and they will be disallowed
>from reconnecting for 1 minute.
>The "deny" command will disallow them from connecting back in.
>I usually "kill" someone, which allows you to send a message. I usuall say
>something like, "stop it, or you will be denied access forever!" If they
>re-connect and persist with there mis-behavior, I deny them. Our reflector is
>G-Rated, and it states that clearly in the MOTD.

Hmmm. Sort of autocratic I suppose... But I can see the point with
innappropriate behaviour... Mightn't these commands be abused by people
though, just to target and individual or to just butt somebody out who has
something to say/ show that the others don't agree with either personally,
socially, morally or even in terms of which SIG that person(s) come(s)