Re: UNIX reflector setting to 1 video src, broadcast only?

Andrew Germaine (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:24:04 -0500 (EST)

you want to have a statement in reflect.conf

MAX-PARTICIPANTS (#of people you want to allow in to watch on YOUR reflector)
MAX-SENDERS 1 (just your heart-cam)
MAX-LURKERS (# of people you want to allow on your ref to watch MINUS 1)

so if your max participants is 20, your max lurkers would be 19.
Please post to the group the hours of the broadcast and where to watch
it, as I think this would be really cool to watch.

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On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Mark Thacker, Internet Specialist wrote:
> Is there a way to setup the CU-SeeMe reflector to broadcast just a
> single video source? That is, I will have Windows machine or a Mac
> feeding a video signal to the UNIX reflector and I want that signal
> sent to all others.
> However, I don't want others being able to send audio or video into
> the reflector; just this one client.