Re: Kill/ Deny Command

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:11:14 -0500

>Hmmm. Sort of autocratic I suppose... But I can see the point with
>innappropriate behaviour... Mightn't these commands be abused by people
>though, just to target and individual or to just butt somebody out who has
>something to say/ show that the others don't agree with either personally,
>socially, morally or even in terms of which SIG that person(s) come(s)

The potential for the abuse of power is ever-present.

But you're safe, you've got a cool name. I hate the name pat, though, it's so
androgyenous(sp?). There will be no-one allowed on my reflector named pat,
unless she's cute.... :-)


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