Re: UNIX reflector setting to 1 video src, broadcast only?

Marc Lindahl (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:58:43 -0400

Let me know what you find out, that's EXACTLY what I want to do as well!

>I am most likely going to be doing a live broadcast this Friday of
>an open heart surgery here at UT Southwestern Medical Center at
>Dallas. I have a quick question which hopefully someone on this list
>will be able to answer.
>Is there a way to setup the CU-SeeMe reflector to broadcast just a
>single video source? That is, I will have Windows machine or a Mac
>feeding a video signal to the UNIX reflector and I want that signal
>sent to all others.
>However, I don't want others being able to send audio or video into
>the reflector; just this one client.
>Pretty much exactly as some of the TV sites and NASA do with their
>Any ideas? (Marc Lindahl)
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