Basic Questions

Tue, 27 Feb 96 14:19:40 EST

The only server I could reliably connect to was a fairly perverse reflector at Apparently it has since gone "private". When trying to connect, I
get a message saying "do not send me email for the conference number unless yo
u are a woman or a couple" (it's on of those). The thing is, at least it always
was "on" and working. Now I would send email to the reflector administrator, b
ut I cannot find his email address listed at any listing of reflector sites. Is
there any way to get this information? Is there such a thing as an "IP address
phonebook". I know that these questions may seem incredibly naive, but I am ad
mittedly a newbie to all of this, and find the artistic, cultural and social im
plications of ubiquitous desktop videoteleconferencing more than fascinating. T
hanks for any help anyone may offer. -- maurice (I'm using a Mac for all of thi
s. Is that why I can't seem to connect to most of the reflectors that are suppu
sedly "active"? It's a Quadra 660AV.