Re: Kill/ Deny Command

Carl Iverson (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 14:52:26 -0500

Brian McGugan wrote:
> At 11:44 2/27/96, Brian O'Shea wrote:
> >>
> >>The latest White Pines reflector code allows you to telnet in to run REFMON,
> >>and can be configured with a password. You could use CU and telnet at the
> >>same time, and "kill" the IP of the offending person.
> >>
> >Note that the "kill" command will disconnect them, and they will be disallowed
> >from reconnecting for 1 minute.
> >
> >The "deny" command will disallow them from connecting back in.
> >
> >I usually "kill" someone, which allows you to send a message. I usuall say
> >something like, "stop it, or you will be denied access forever!" If they
> >re-connect and persist with there mis-behavior, I deny them. Our reflector is
> >G-Rated, and it states that clearly in the MOTD.
> >
> >-bos
> Hmmm. Sort of autocratic I suppose... But I can see the point with
> innappropriate behaviour... Mightn't these commands be abused by people
> though, just to target and individual or to just butt somebody out who has
> something to say/ show that the others don't agree with either personally,
> socially, morally or even in terms of which SIG that person(s) come(s)
> from?
> Bri

Here, Here!!!!!! It is my understanding that CU-SEEME is similar to a tv
set you don't have to watch it. But don't stop it. To many people have
died to prevent just this sort of thing.