Re: -- PowerMac Reflector --

U2 (
Tue, 27 Feb 96 15:47:56 -0500

>Just downloaded it,
>first impressions on a PPC6200 16Mb AV Card
>a) it works
>b) i cannot quit it except by rebooting
>c) i cannot cuseeme from the same machine when the reflector is runing

Downloaded it.
Read the file "README FIRST" which stated "You CANNOT run a CU-SEEME
client on the same machine you are running the reflector."

Also read "README.reflector.3.0b3.txt" which explained how to quit the
app using "refmon."
Configured the application according to the readme files & it ran fine.
Connected to my reflector with other machines. Works pretty good!
Heck,I'm impressed!

Sarcastically yours [it's been one of those days],


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