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>Hope somebody might help me on this !
>I am setting up cuseeme with the quickcam from connectix under windows 95.
>It works fine with the software coming with the package. However, when I
>start cuseeme, it has error messages : capture device was not detected and
>invalid handle and invalid handle
>I don't know whether it works or not. Can somebody tell me how to fix it and
>test it ?
>If I am connected via PPP, do I need a host name / ip address ?
>What are the sites that are available for testing ?

Directly from the FAQ.TXT file:

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:37:11 -0500
From: Rich Kennerly <>
To: <>
Subject: Getting the QuickCam to work with Windows '95
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Windows Users (with QuickCam's),

A number of Win'95 users have reported problems getting the QuickCam
to work with CU-SeeMe. Here is a FAQ entry I just added to the ftp
server: Let me know if you've done all these
steps and things don't work, or if you know of other things that need
to be checked.


-Rich Kennerly - PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer. <>
QuickCam doesn't work with Win'95

Here are the steps to take to install a QuickCam with Window '95

1) Run the QuickCam installer.

2) Make sure the capture driver, called QUICKCAM.DRV, is in the
/WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.

3) Check the file SYSTEM.INI (in the /WINDOWS directory) and make sure
there's an entry in the [drivers] section for msvideo like this:


If you've had another capture driver installed you might see another
driver listed as msvideo and another entry, msvideo1=quickcam.drv. In
this case you should switch the quickcam to be msvideo and the other
driver to be msvideo1.

4) Use the Win'95 Control Panel for Multimedia. On the 'Advanced' section,
double click on the Video Capture Devices icon. You should see an
entry for QuickCam. Double click on the icon for QuickCam. Make sure
the "Use the video capture device" choice is selected.

5) Restart Win'95.

Now for more info, check my web page, and the "related CU-SeeMe links" page
that I have. There is a lot of good information right there on the net.
You just have to take the time to actually READ the documentation.

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