Re: SUBSCRIBE CU-SEEME-L Douglas Ellmore

Douglas Ellmore (
Wed, 28 Feb 96 09:38:00 EST

The National Academy Press has a new CU-SeeMe Reflector up that we are using
for meetings.
We are also interested in broadcasting news conferences and need to get some
with the multicasting capabilities. The news conference would cover
releases of studies
from the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering,
Institute of Medicine,
and the National Research Council.

If anyone would be interested in helping us configure our reflector for
multicasting and testing with
us we would really appreciate the help. The contact is Terrence Randell
Please contact him directly. Our hardware platform is a Sparc 5.

Also, I see that WhitePine ehanced CU-SeeMe supports color and works over a
modem? Sounds good.
What quality can we expect?


Doug Ellmore
co-author Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now!