EnviroLink Cyberlithic Celebration

Bill Ryan (bryan@wpine.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 13:53:02 -0800

>White Pine will be helping to host this HUGE event. Check out their web
>site, and plan to tune in on Thursday! Right now they have reflector sites
>on all but one continent! This will truly be a global event. There are
>already 250 people pre-registered to view this event at the Cyberspace Cafe
>in Los Angeles!
>>WHAT: The EnviroLink Cyberlithic Celebration
>>WHEN: Thursday, February 29, 7-10 PM (EST)
>>WHERE: On the Internet via CU-SeeMe
>> Info: http://www.envirolink.org/celebrate
>>SPECIAL VIP: Vice President Al Gore
>>Within the vast landscape of information available on the Internet, the
>>everyday user can be lost without a roadmap to guide them through the maze.
>>EnviroLink is the Internet's largest environmental magazine. They provide a
>>forum for communication between millions of individuals and international
>>community groups. February 29 1996 will be the dawn of the new age of
>>environmental interaction.
>>Please join us for this international reception, featuring guests and
>>activists from CyberCafe sites worldwide, celebrating the inauguration of
>>the new Website of EnviroLink Network.
>>For information on the CyberCafe nearest to your location that will be
>>carrying this live videoconference celebration, please go to our
>>CyberLithic Celebration Web Site (http://www.envirolink.org/celebrate).
>>Throughout the evening, there will be opportunities for participants to
>>share poetry, music and other artistic expressions to all assembled.
>>If you represent radio,print or TV media, please call to confirm your space
>>at this important international communication event.
>>The celebration begins at 7 PM (EST) and will last through 10 PM (EST). Vice
>>President Al Gore will attend the EnviroLink Network's CyberLithic
>>Celebration via the Internet.

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