Enhanced Problems ???

Roderick Padilla (rpadilla@gsu.edu)
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 16:00:31 -0400

I need some help in trying to figure this problem out .... I just installed
a new reflector (Solaris) version 4.0B3 with "bare bones" config. When I use
the Enhanced version of Cuseeme (from White Pine), the lurker workstation
(lab) display is normal but just with a purple screen and a lot of lost
packets. I do not have that problem with the Cuseeme version 8.4b7 to send ...

Looks like both are not compatible .... If I use the Cornell version to send
and receive ... I do not have any problems .... Can you explain what is
going on? Is this a reflector problem? .... Has anybody setup the refletor
for MBONE?

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