Re: Enhanced Problems ???

Brian O'Shea (
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 17:34:24 -0500

>I need some help in trying to figure this problem out .... I just installed
>a new reflector (Solaris) version 4.0B3 with "bare bones" config. When I use
>the Enhanced version of Cuseeme (from White Pine), the lurker workstation
>(lab) display is normal but just with a purple screen and a lot of lost
>packets. I do not have that problem with the Cuseeme version 8.4b7 to send ...
>Looks like both are not compatible .... If I use the Cornell version to send
>and receive ... I do not have any problems .... Can you explain what is
>going on? Is this a reflector problem?

Yes, it's a reflector problem. The White Pine clients, when sending color,
send a data type that the public reflector does not recognize. Since it does
not recognize it, it does not pass it on. If you send grey scale from the
White Pine client, the reflector will recognize that data type, and everything
will work fine. Even if you did have a commercial reflector, your MAC client
wouldn't be able to decode the color being sent by the PC client anyway.

Bottom line, can't send color through a 4.0 B3 reflector.


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