C.A.O'Brien (
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 23:30:15 GMT

I am using a DX100/20Mb/1Gb/28.8Kbits/sec machine running V.2 release
CU-SeeMe from the UK. The results are generally not very promising. I tend
to get very low, 0-5 Kb/sec data when using US Reflectors. As far as i can
see the matter is not improved much by reducing the number of contributers
to my screen. The % packet loss runs at the 90 mark and only on two
occasions (>20 hrs trial) has audio been heard (guess , given the above)
this is not supprising.
Do not know how much of the difficulty can be attributed to loading on
the cross-the-pond European link (the Norway Reflector doesent give better
SO! Will someone (anyone) who is a fellow sufferer, or otherwise, on this
side of the water, including the Emrald Isle and/or Europe (mainland),
please e-mail me with a view to 1:1 'local' testing.
regards charlie (Chelmsford, Essex, England)

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