Re: Open Heart Surgery broadcast....

Brian O'Shea (
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 11:37:14 -0500

>We are currently considering this for Friday around noon
>Central time. However, I am currently in the process of
>finding out from our administration if we are actually
>going to do this or not.
>If we do, there will probably be two or three reflectors to
>look at.
>More news forthcoming....
>Thanks to all of the people that provided me with
>information about limiting the video/audio broadcast to
>just a single source (i.e. like NASA does). WhitePine
>software had the best overall suggestion for how to do this
>and have multiple mirror sites.

Your welcome. I'm glad you sent this mail, I was going to have to search back
to find your address. One of the things that I'm not sure I mentioned in my
description. If there is only one video source connected to the primary
reflector, which will be feeding the downstream reflectors, you must start the
primary reflector with the -broadcast switch to force the single video sender
to send his video. Otherwise, the single client doesn't think anyone is
watching, and like a repsonsible bandwidth user, won't send it's video.


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