Re: Cancel of Open Heart Surgery broadcast....

U2 (
Thu, 29 Feb 96 16:52:41 -0500

>In addition, I hear talk of a PowerMacintosh Native Reflector. Anyone
>know where? I didn't see it on the

Yes, I've got it and LOVE it. Sure there are some bugs but it is running
great right now. It took me all of 2 minutes to get it setup and running!
I KNOW that isn't possible on ANY other platform!

I have been testing it with some high bandwidth connections but only
between two or three machines. BTW this machine is also running my WWW
server [WebSTAR] and is my "play station." When the reflector is the
frontmost application, it rocks. In background, it works but not good
enough to use.


Here is where I got it [excerpt from a recent e-mail message sent to this

Adam Skwersky wrote:
>Yes, a POWERMAC reflector. (sorry, no 68k YET)
>Its ready. Come get it off
>Follow the signs (its in /Pub/cuseeme/).
>(Its based on 3.0b3 source)