Re: Cancel of Open Heart Surgery broadcast....

Adam Skwersky (
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 18:00:44 -0500

Hi Thacker,

I'm the one who ported version 3.0 to the PowerMac. Its at
ftp// (not at cornell)

Hope the open-heart goes well, even if its not on video.

Adam Skwersky

At 3:44 PM 2/29/96, "Mark Thacker, Internet Specialist"
<thacker@medcat.library.swm wrote:
>Sorry folks, but I just couldn't get a reliable set of CU-SeeMe/Reflector
>software & hardware. Just about everything went wrong.
>Of course, I only had about 2 days to do *everything* related to setting
>this up.
>We are hoping to do simular type broadcast in the future, which I will
>annouce to this list.
>In addition, I hear talk of a PowerMacintosh Native Reflector. Anyone
>know where? I didn't see it on the
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