Re: The So-Called "Pornographic" Issue

Steve Laner (
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 14:36:55 -0600

RhS: Very well said. One would think that the general public would realize
these things. Unfortunately, they apparently have learned nothing from history.
After all, if you wish to take away a people's rights, you don't do it in one
fell-swoop, but rather a little bit at a time and let it snowball.

(God save us should Buchanan[sp?] win the election)

At 08:00 AM 1/10/96 -0600, you wrote:
>This, like the debate over children seeing or
>having access to adult sites, comes down to people not wanting to take
>control over their own lives. Whenever we are confronted with something
>"bad", many demand others take care of the problem for them. Then, when
>those political and religious muscles are flexed and there is no more
>access to anything, those same voices cry out that it has gone too far.
>This is what is wrong with the entire system in which we live right now.
>People cry out they don't have time to police their kids. Bull! I work 80
>hours a week and I control the times and topics my kids access on the
>internet. I even know what movies my teenager watches.
>A few of the contributors to this thread mentioned that, if you see
>something that is offensive, close that screen. Damn straight! If we start
>limiting what people want to see or do on the internet, then we'll all
>eventually suffer. Because it will start with controlling one thing (like
>the few exhibitionists out there) and eventually move to other, more
>mundane, areas that one or two verbose people do not like.