Re: Anybody have source code for Cornell / Linux 4.00b3 ??

michael butler (
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 23:19:09 +1100 (EST) writes:

> I asked WhitePine if the source code for Cornells 4.00b3 reflector was
> available. They told me they didnt have it anymore and that "somebody
> probably has it" and that I should "ask around"???

I hate to say it but .. "me too" ..

I was looking at Cornell's web pages recently and the implication there is
that I can license sources for a nominal fee whilst undertaking research
into this technology. The v4.00b3 documentation also suggests this. I am
quite prepared to pay that fee for a reasonably current source archive.

However, if all they're prepared to license is v3 sources from 1994-5, then
I'm totally uninterested .. v4 has enough bugs in it without me having to
try to find all the ones from before when the fixes are already known and
(presumably) documented somewhere.

Put simply - spending the next few months re-fixing old and known bugs is
patently a waste of the research time available to me and serves to advance
reflector technology no further (I already have nearly 20 years of 'C'
behind me) .. or is that what Cornell and/or White Pine intend ?