Re: Anybody have source code for Cornell / Linux 4.00b3 ??

Chris Silverberg (
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 13:41:04 -0800

> I was looking at Cornell's web pages recently and the implication there
> that I can license sources for a nominal fee whilst undertaking research
> into this technology. The v4.00b3 documentation also suggests this. I am
> quite prepared to pay that fee for a reasonably current source archive.

The sources for 3.0x are online now, so you do not need a license to get
those... just ftp to

If you obtain an internal use only license, you can obtain the 4.0 source
code, however at the current time the version that they have online is
still 4.0b2, not 4.0b3. Perhaps the changes that took place between these
versions are not that significant, but I was still disappointed to find
this out. I've emailed the Cornell folks, hopefully they'll place the
current versions online in the short future.

- Chris