Conf # for Feb.

Rick Lens (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 13:05:16 -0600


Welcome to the Bears Den,

As you may have noticed, we have made some changes. I hope this will allow for more users, at any one given time. White Pines has changed and modified the reflector software, so now, I think you will enjoy the reflector more.

We now have multi. conf areas. and you can get passwords for each.

Existing users and every one else is invited for a free month to test the new software. the password for this month will be 4444 and you may enter it in all conf areas. conf 0-5

conference number {0-5}

password 4444

If you have any suggestions as to conferences you would like to have just email

again thanks for using GCWP

Note for existing users the conf # 4444 will no longer be used

this is the password...

Rick Lens


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